Holiday Rentals Cleaning

A hardworking, reliable and professional housekeeper is an integral and invaluable asset to your rental property business.

Thorough cleaning after each booking cannot be overstated, and this can be quite the headache when maintaining not one, but multiple short-term rentals at a time. Our expert cleaners are trained to start work the minute the property is vacated, working swiftly and efficiently before the next booking.

This service ensures that business is hassle free, and works seamlessly in favour of the landlords as their property maintains a standard of cleanliness and comfort, always ready for the next guests to arrive.


  • The bathroom area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, reaching all areas, including sink, toilet, skirting, shower/bathtub and walls. Cobwebs are removed, and the floors are washed or vacuumed and chrome fixtures cleaned and polished to shine. Bin bags are changed as well.
  • All toiletry supplies are restocked upon request.
  • All furniture in the living area is wiped clean, cobwebs are removed, decorative items are dusted properly and the floors are mopped and vacuumed. Bed linen is changed if provided, and upon request.
  • The dining and kitchen areas are cleaned and dusted from top to bottom. Cobwebs are removed; all appliances and countertops, sinks and hobs, are wiped clean and polished, and the floor is vacuumed. Bin bags are also changed.
  • Doors and windows as well as the hallway and stairs are properly cleaned. Each window is polished from the inside.
Mon-Sat: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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